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A PRAYER FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS by Elaine Davenport ( Friday, August 17, 2007)

Dear Heavenly Father, we kneel before Your throne this day giving you the honor that You are due. You are a mighty God. It is our prayer to ask you to guide every college student in this country. Lord, we ask you to meet each and every need. We ask you to stir up the gift that is inside of every one that knows you. We ask for you to send the ministering angels out to each and every one of them to prosper their way. We lay claim on the college students in this country and other countries and we declare that Satan will not have any advantages with them; not one.

We are ask you for Godly Wisdom as to how to pray for them and help them. Father, please touch their hearts and soften them to the Good News! Please touch the hardened hearts of certain unbelieving instructors and professors so that they will not suffer hellfire and damnation. Please give them the wisdom to know that they will be held to a greater level of accountability for tainting minds if they do regarding any manner. We pray for Ethics on all College campuses and for revival to break out in that place. In Jesus Name we ask and pray. AMEN

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