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Say a little prayer today by Elaine Davenport (Monday, June 4, 2007)

This is so amazing! The other night, I was checking my site statistics at one of my Blog sites. I am able to see many things and since I love analysis, it’s even more interesting. Well, one of my sites had not had any new posts because I was so busy, but I had noted that even when I was posting it still wasn’t that busy. I still plan to post and continue, no matter what happens. You know, when it snows or rains, people change their plans, but I am unaffected by faith of what happens like a lack of traffic; but I STILL said a prayer. I told the Lord: “Lord, you told me to do this, please send some people to this site, in Jesus Name and I thank you ” After that, I forgot about it. I have a busy schedule and currently in a whirlwind that I’ve expected.

I checked those stats today and God sent MORE people than had ever been there before. God is so faithful, so Amazing. So Awesome. I just love Him and I am Thankful.

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