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A PRAYER FOR THE MORNING by Gene McGuire May, 2011


(The short version)


Thank you Lord for this day. I look forward to this

wonderful day that You have made. . .I rejoice and I am glad in it!!! You have saved me. You have filled me with Your Spirit. You have taught me Your Word. You have raised me up. And today I will arise and fact the day, not with dread, not with worry, not with sadness, but with great joy and excitement and anticipation for what you are going to use me for today. Together Lord, You and I working together, we can set many captives free because You’ve set me free, and I will set others free by the words of my mouth, by the power of the Holy Spirit, by the name of Jesus, by the armor of God, by the angels of God and by the Word of truth of the right hand and on the left. And I praise you Lord for using me, for delivering me from self-pity, from discouragement and from worry.

I‘m going to get me off my mind and I’m going to get the needs of others on my mind. And I’m going to believe You to use me to meet others needs. And therefore my needs will be met and I will be a blessing. In Jesus’ name, amen.



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