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PRAYER IS EASY…….. (a poem) by Elaine Davenport

Prayer is easier than working a job, it’s easier than taking a test, it’s like a good workout, only it’s spiritual.

It will give me the solution to pay a bill, buy food, get what I need, if I’ll just have faith and obey.

All I have to do is adhere to God’s Word, but I have to make sure that I do it His way.

There’s a great temptation to change things around to put things on our own time tables,

To second guess God, to think that we’re helping Him, the God who is able to do all that we could ever ask or think, there’s no doubt that God can provide the missing link.

Now do not fool yourself and say you’re in the flock for your own gain, for God will not be mocked and He supplies the latter rain.

No one can convince you over and over again when you have doubt that God says in His Word that if you believe; then you win.

Prayer just takes a few minutes in a very private place, where you give God Glory and speak with him in your own personal space,

Commune with the Father and The Son, and soon you will see that your victory is won.

My prayer for you is that you will become close with the Spirit of Truth, who will show you all things and that the angels will carry you on all of their wings. I also pray that deep in your heart will the Word rest and never depart; so that when trouble comes and before you can pout that the Word will rise up and out of your mouth it will sprout.

You are made in Gods image and you are richly Blessed; yes, the God of the Breakthrough will deliver you out of any trial or test.

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