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A Saints Prayer! by Elaine Davenport Friday, October 9, 2009


Dearest Father,

I love you soo much that my eyes fill with tears as I think of Your goodness and Your love.  The depths of my heart leap when I think of Your magnificence and Your splendor.  The plan that You’ve designed for me is so great, so incredible beyond my earthly comprehension.  I am humbled and I thank You for Your patience with me.  I’ve walked this walk  so many miles; yet I don’t feel like a wearied soldier…I am fresh and new facing each day looking for new places to conquer and people to meet who have been sent by You.

Help me to prove myself worthy as I rejoice in You.  Teach me more and more as You increase me.  I promise always to stay close and I thank You for Your drawing power.  I love You far too much to let go.  I shall not do that thing.  My life before  being with You day in and day out was nothing but a sham and I cannot accept less than I have with You now.    You are first and what You’ve called for me to do is first.

I want to go and do what You’ve told me to do and no one else.  I want to carry out Your plans and not slip or to get off of the path You’ve designed for me to be on.  I will not be deterred by strong feelings or the things that go on in the world around me.  Teach me not to judge but to love and to pray for others and to love them with an insatiable love; the kind that never fails no matter what.  Continue to give me wisdom and peace and understanding beyond all earthly comprehension.  I am so thankful.  For Christ’s sake I pray.  Amen.

Cover The Earth by The Gateway Pentecostal Choir (Music Video) Friday, June 20, 2008

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