Sozo Sites

1. HOME PAGE here (Cafe Sozo- Faith Center)

2. 2. HEALMENOW (here)

3. SALVATION (here)




7. PRAY PRAY PRAY (here)

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  1. I need help from god
    i need help from the lord
    my life is not so in a goodway
    and i hope all day and pray
    without any home i walk on the street
    and my shoes very old on my feed
    to much to pray and not much i see
    how can i pay allday´s the fee?

    please lord help to be on the rock of age´s
    i dont understand
    i dont understand
    i dont understand
    Jesus i read in the bible , that you have mercy
    my name is not importand, but how can i gloryfy
    your good name with my LIFE ???? i´m weak


  2. Hi Lanie,

    I just got through reading your introduction of yourself and I am impressed with your boldness for the Lord. I like you love Jesus and do not plan to be here for the TRIBULATION. I am also an INTERCESSOR. I pray for people everywhere I go and all day long. I enjoy praying. It is one of the things I believe I do best, not because of me, but because of God’s gae. I have also started blogging about prayer.

    I am compelled to spread God’s Word which has changed my life. I have always spread His Word, but I am ready to take it to the next level.

    Please pray with me as I seek God’s will and direction in the process. Thank you.

    Love & Blessing
    Pauline Lewinson.

  3. peacefulone said:

    Dearest Sister Pauline! Thank you Thank you and Thank you for stopping by. Please forgive my delay in writing to you. I have been trying to connect with fellow prayer intercessors online for almost two years…Bless God! We’re sisters…kindred spirits…you’re right…God’s grace is sufficient for us. Please write back and et me know where your web site/blog is…I’d love to be supportive in prayer and encouragement.

    Blessings & Love

  4. Asking for prayer concerning my daughter Anna,she is only 20 yrs.old and is experiencing hairloss.She suffers from chronic diarhea,hairloss may be contributed to this or genectic,either way praying for a creative miracle.This is painful for her.She also gets sick easily needs sozo!!! Blessings to you IJN !!! Suke

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