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A PRAYER FOR SIBLINGS (Saturday, June 2, 2007)

Oh Heavenly Father, please hear our cry: We are so amazed about our siblings and we all have different concerns. But, we know that You are the God that is more than enough and you know our needs and can meet our every need sufficiently. We know this Lord! For some of us, we simply don’t know where our siblings are and for some of us we simply don’t know what they’re doing. Still others are concerned that they seem to be on a destructive path. Father we ask that no matter what the exact circumstances are that you will first purify our hearts and then you will change these situations that our siblings find themselves in. Father we are asking you to touch their lives, turn them around, Bless them, pour your love on them, shine your light upon them, allow them to walk in your grace and to come to your throne of mercy in their time of need. We thank you, we adore you. In Jesus Name we ask and pray. Amen


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