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Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water. —John 7:38

We encourage you to grab a cup of coffee, tea, green tea, juice or water and join us. Please don’t keep it too close to your computer.



Welcome to Cafe Sozo! This is the result of three years of hard and fun work.

Sozo is Greek for Saved. Sozo means pulled from harms way or danger, rescued, salvation and lifted above trouble. I heard a minister say it means nothing missing, nothing broken.


Almost daily in our walk of faith we face challenges or know someone who does. We want to remember that the Word of God is alive and is capable of rescuing us, keeping us out of danger and lifted above trouble…but we must be built up.

There are five parts of Cafe Sozo: Building Faith, Healmenow (here), Godly Wisdom, Pray Pray Pray and Prayer Forces.

(Please look on the side column of the page for these other sections. Thank you.)

We offer music, Videos, Encouragement, Prayer and support. You have found a family. Every concern is taken to a team of Prayer Warriors. Prayer requests are always welcome. We look forward to hearing from you and adding things like Book Reviews!

If you can think of anything that we can add to make you feel at home; just let us know!



Comments on: "Cafe Sozo" (25)

  1. Great site I’ve just found. Posting some of your suff on “OUR” sites. Blessings!

  2. my son and daughter-in-law are trying to buy a house. satan stepped and they are asking for a big deposit that they do not have. please pray for them.

  3. i am in so much finanicail deth. until i have headache one after the another please pray for me

  4. peacefulone said:

    Thank You for writing.

    Heavenly Father, I lift up this young couple in prayer. I ask in the authority of Jesus that You give them wisdom in their decision making regarding this potential mortgage debt. Please allow them to walk in Your perfect will. We say that they have the mind of Christ as they make their decisions. We release the ministering angels to go out before the, Thank You for giving them the strength to face whatever opposition or the strength to walk away from opposition. Our prayer is for peace for them that they will not miss it to the left or to the right. In Jesus Name we ask and pray. Amen.

    *We will continue to keep them lifted in prayer. All the best.

  5. i was reading a prayer that you prayed for someone, and it touch me so hard all i could do is cried, i cried so hard because i am in so much need, it really touch me. thank god for. you.

    so many blessings

  6. peacefulone said:

    Dearest Romary, we serve a big God. All He needs to see is our faith so that He can move on our behalf. (your behalf) Do not be afraid and do not give up. No problem is too big for God. He’s our Father and He wants the best for His children? Is Jesus Lord over your life? Have you accepted him as your personal Savior? Please let me know so that I can pray with you. I look forward to your response. God loves you. Nothing you have ever done is so bad that you cannot be forgiven. God loves us all the same. Please write back so that I can join my faith together with you and take your prayer petition before the throne of God. I care…God cares. Blessings & Love

  7. yes i have accepted jesus as my savior a long time ago, but some how i slipped away and now i am asking him to forgive me. maybe that is why so many things is coming up against me now, it is so trange today everyone of my bill collects called me at work and said that they need payments in no later then torrow., my stomach is killling me right now. i am so worry. because i cant pay all of them. i have a problem gaving it to god and on back and worry about it.

  8. peacefulone said:

    Romary, Would you like to rededicate your life to Christ? If so, I can pray with you. You know 1John 1: 9 says if we confess our sins, God is faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. That means when you do so (it can be between you and God) God will remember your sin no more.

    We’ve all slipped at one time or another and it doesn’t mean that we did it on purpose.

    If you’d like we can pray a re dedication prayer together?
    Just let me know. In the meantime, I’m still praying for you. We say that your stomach is not killing you, we say that your stomach is healed and we plead the blood of Jesus over you. In Jesus name Amen.



  11. peacefulone said:

    Dearest Sister Romary…I’m not sure of your circumstances; if your friend is someone to whom you are married or not. If you are not married to this friend; then it is scripturally impossible for me to pray for him to come home to you as the relationship currently is or has been. Please do not be offended, but I only pray God’s will for your life according to His word. I do have a prayer for you.

    Heavenly Father, I am thankful for Sister Romary and especially thankful that she is thinking of you! We are asking You to send her a Godly mate who will respect and cherish her in the way to which she is deserving. We’re not asking You to send her someone who will live with her outside of marriage. We’re asking You to send her a marriage partner. We say that Romary submits herself to the constant transformation by The Holy Spirit making her petition known to You.*

    *(Prayers that avail much by Germaine Copeland)

    We are asking You to send worthy laborers to cross Romary’s path to encourage her and to explain to her the importance of rededicating her life to You and the importance of putting You first in her life. Your word says that when she comes to You diligently seeking You she must believe that You reward her dedication and consistency.

    We are asking You to encompass Romary with Your favor so that she has good communications and a strong sense of self respect. Father, pour Your Love all over her so that there can be no mistake. Give her the oil of joy for her grief and her mourning. We know that the angel of the Lord encampeth round about those that revere you so we say that Romary does that and that you keep her so that she cannot even dash her foot against a stone. Not one hair on her head is harmed because she is the righteous and You never suffer the righteous (those in right standing) to be moved.

    Father, we are asking You to give Romary wisdom in her decision making now more than ever. Allow her to live her life for You and not for a person who would mistreat her. Help her to forgive and to move forward. Father, we thank You and we count it done in the name of Jesus. Amen.

  12. thank you for your pray, he did come home, and we are talking about marring

  13. peacefulone said:

    Dearest Sister Romary, I am thankful that you wrote back to us. My prayer for you is that nyou and your friend will walk in God’s best and that the bothe of you will dedicate your lives to Christ.

    Thank you for coming to this site! God drew you here, I am thankful for your friendship. Blessings and Love unto you.

    Remember: If you meditate in “His” Word both day and night “then” He will make your way prosperous; then you will have good success.

    Please write us with your praise report when it happens…I’ve a feeling…it’s coming soon!

  14. my son and daughter is trying to buy this house, they hve 8 days left before it goes back on the market. they are liking 6000.00 i told satan to get be behind me. i am asking for your prays i know that god wil make a way in 8 days

  15. peacefulone said:

    Blessings Sister Jane! Praise God! Please continue to come and see us regularly!

  16. Please pray for a spiritual awakening throughout the United States and world. I live in Naples Florida, Collier County. Our neighboring county (Lee) combined with Collier County, had equal abortions in 2007 with Las Vegas, over 3000. An increase in 14%. Could you imagine Jesus Christ on His throne with over 3000 killed just from one year and 2 counties in Florida. God says he knows us before we were in the womb. Pray for the unborn. Buddist temples are popping up more and more. The most in California, some of the 13 largest. California is the gay capital of the USA. Now same sex marriage. Is God going to release His protection from California? A dream I have says soon, unless they will look up to Him for His salvation. Hurry, hurry, hurry, pray for all who don’t know Him. Thank you for praying with me. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil. 4:13

  17. peacefulone said:

    Dearest Sister Teresa! You’re right! God can’t move unless somebody prays and “we” are those somebodies. Tomorrow, we will take your prayer petition to Corporate Prayer. We will also send it to one of the warriors assigned to pray for Las Vegas. Jesus said: “Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world!”

    We say that no matter what we see, it will turn to the Glory of God that the Father may be glorified in the Son in Jesus Name…So Be it! Blessings & Love

  18. peacefulone said:

    Sister Teresa…We know that you’re in Florida…and we’re praying for Florida, Collier County especially however, our sister in Vegas has been assigned to speak Victory over principalities in regions and that’s why we’re also sending the Prayer concerns to her. May God continue to work through you and strengthen you. Cafe Sozo

  19. Jane Felicidario said:

  20. peacefulone said:

    We tried to delete the comment. Unfortunately, the software won’t allow us to remove the rest of the information.

    We manage multiple sites; so please…think it over carefully before leaving a comment. Thanking you in advance for your consideration. Blessings & Love

  21. Jane Felicidario said:

    And also my requesting letter dated Dec 4, 2008.

  22. peacefulone said:

    Ms. Feclidario, please feel free to leave comments at any time. In the future; we will not be removing them. We don’t have the manpower to accommodate. Many Thanks

  23. How do I contact you.? Do you have an email address? I would like permission to use one of you articles.

    • peacefulone said:

      Hi Terrence…we will send you an email. Please let me know which article. Also, we know Evangelist Harry Jackson. Blessings & Love Cafe Sozo

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