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The Attack On Prosperity! Tuesday, June 10, 2008

If the church believed what the world believes, we wouldn’t need a church. The “world” says prosperity is about wealth and luck. But that’s not what it’s all about.




If you’ve confessed Jesus as the master of your life and made him your Lord and Savior; then you are the righteous. It isn’t a feeling, it isn’t something you’ve earned…it’s a gift from God. God says the desires of the righteous shall be granted. You gotta know that when you pray. It’s not Christmas for children. In other words, it’s not make a list of all the stuff you need! It’s not about “you/” Yes, you’re important to God. But God wants to add to HIs family…that’s the priority.


There are those who come to God because they want to be rich. Nothing wrong with being rich…but that cannot be your priority. Also, I want to mention those who are “anti- prosperity” gospels…they generally base it on a myth that they heard. There really is no Prosperity Gospel that’s all about money.

Prosperity from a Christian perspective is about healing, health, wholeness, restoration and finances…it’s about you doing better. Show me one person that doesn’t want to do better but the “religiously incorrect” have aligned themselves with Satan and have made it all about money. That’s sad. Everyone’s afraid to take them on or disagree with them. I pray for them, don’t have time to spar because I’m too busy doing God’s work. I just want to say: Watch out for them and don’t be deceived into attacking other Christians; it’s a slippery slope.

Even in a “so called” Prosperity Church; I haven’t met anybody who is all about money and not all about God. The picture features the Lakewood Church which is not my church. It’s a good church. I visited some years ago and was very Blessed. Joel Osteen is a man of God; that’s a fact.   Is their “Word” watered down as some have  stated?   I believe the Word that those thousands of people hear; works for them to the Glory of God.  Every person needs something different; if that’s not what “you” need; that’s ok too.

Today I’ve got to find people to help trim shrubs for an 80 year old friend who needs help at her home and we’ll have a crowd of people old and young all there working  in hot hot weather from their hearts without complaint. Everyday we get together praying for others, serving God and helping wherever we can; always on the ready. There is so much fruit to God’s glory but people have been deceived into believing the exact opposite. I’ve sat back and listened quietly being polite …but it’s time to speak up and destroy the myths. I’m sure I’m not alone! I’m praying for people who have been greatly deceived. The Body of Christ ought not to be duped over this.


A Prayer for Families by Elaine Davenport ( Week of September 10th -16th, 2007)

Blessings to you. Today, I am pulling for you in prayer! Be Encouraged! Be Cheerful! Be in Faith. Please view this site’s most popular attraction: THE POWER OF PRAYER

Father, please hear our prayer. Father we lift up every family. We ask You to pour Your Love and your mercy and grace on them. It is our prayer that if they are broken; that they will be healed. Families face so much in this world Father. Your word says that whatsoever things we bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatsoever things we lose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. So we bind: abuse, trauma, poverty, unbelief, alcoholism, drugs, neglect, suicide, gangs, cults, demons, abductions, shaken baby syndrome, SID’s disorder, ADD, unemployment, defiance, homelessness, mental illness, any form of sickness and disease, mismanagement of funds, disorganization, disobedience, schisms, miscommunication, division, anger, deceit or anything that might bring hurt, harm, fear or danger to any family. We loose knowledge, peace, wisdom, order, love, joy, prosperity and wholeness to families. You Blessed us with families and yet we face so much so we cast our cares and burdens on You because we know that You care for us.

Help each of us to appreciate and value the people in our lives. Give us words and acts of kindness at the right times to demonstrate the love of God. Help us to remember that the Greater One lives on the inside of us. Give us favor in our relationships, the ability to adapt, be flexible and not to be rattled. Help us to be mindful of the feelings of others. Teach us to hold our tongues when necessary. Allow us to use words that will paint a beautiful picture of the wonderful beings that we are . Allow us to be humble and patient. Correct us when we are wrong, order our steps, lead us in the right ways. As we walk, dispense our ministering angels before us to prosper our way.

Teach us to grow in Godly wisdom, make a way for us to increase, court us as we build our faith, forgive us our sins as we walk the straight and narrow path trying not to miss it to the left or to the right. Touch us so that we’ll remember to be thankful, to be bold, to tell others about you unashamedly. Remind us not to be prideful. Mark us in such a way that others will want to know what we know and separate us unto You. Allow us quiet time each day with you and open a passage way for us to grow and mature, spiritually, emotionally, physically and whatever way You deem is necessary.

Father, if we have left anything uncovered or if we have overlooked anything at all big or small; please cover us. We thank You and ask it all in the Authority of our defense attorney; Jesus The High Priest. Amen

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