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I I Say A Little Prayer For You by Whitney Houston (Video) September, 2010

Recording Artist Whitney Houston

Now it’s up to you By Elaine Davenport (Sunday, July 1, 2007)

Dear Friend, How are you? I know that you’re alright no matter what you are facing. About two years ago, I woke up about four o’clock in the morning to get ready to go to early morning prayer but I was so dizzy and the room was spinning that I thought that I was still asleep. I was so disgusted when I realized that I was awake. I had to press on. You see, I had faced much much worse so really this was nothing but I STILL wanted it to go away. I had to get up and just push myself to go to prayer.

It was the funniest thing that as SOON as I got in that chapel…it went away.

When I left out…POOF…it came right back. It was the trick of the enemy always trying to hold us back from our assignments. I could have had a pity party- in fact, I did for quite awhile to myself and anyone who would give me sympathy…not many thank the LORD. (smile) So I was able to move on to more important matters. I’m not saying ignore all sickness, I’m just saying that I had been sick before and though this seemed like it; I claimed a healing and got it. What a victory. You have no idea.

I’m a soldier in the army of the LORD, collecting full benefits and I just want to encourage you because you’re a soldier too. I’m collecting full benefits, but this is a tricky war we’re fighting here and it’s serious. Soldiers are getting wounded on the battlefield and some are being taken out and some are going AWOL. It’s crazy. There are a whole lot of soldiers out there without ammunition and some don’t have any armor and I mean none. Ephesians 6:10-18 gives us the whole prescription for what to do as soldiers. The combat gear is free and you already have it. You just have to put it on.

So, fellow soldier; you’ve reported for duty… IT’S UP TO YOU.

1. What next?

2. Which direction will you go in?

3. Will you go out to the nations to take the Word of the LORD to them?

4. Will you willingly and eagerly lay hands on the sick?

5. Will you go into the ministry effectively with a fervent heart?

6. Will you lovingly and peaceably carry the message of the gospel to the four corners of the earth?

7. Will you implement that witty invention that the LORD gave to you?

8. Will you love your neighbor as yourself taking care of God’s family knowing that he’ll take care of yours?

9. Will you get rid of anything in your heart that doesn’t belong there?

10. Will you do all that there is to stand and stand therefore?

11. Will you move closer to God today…not tomorrow?

12. Will you make this world a better place more than just with words but with deeds?

13. Will you save souls?

14. Will you recruit more laborers to do the work that God has called us to do?

15. Will you walk in love at all times no matter how you feel?

16. Will you do all that you can to make those around you look better and be better than they are never taking credit?

17. Will you serve the LORD and HEARKEN to His every bid?

18. Will you teach and share everywhere that you go?

19. Will you listen when it’s called for?

20. Will you hear?

Oh if only I were able to assure you that there would be no more questions, but there will be many many more. Just be ready to answer them for when you reach a level where you can search yourself and answer them with ease you’ll be ready to move from the front lines and up up up in the ranks. That’s the way God wants it…I know it. Be Well Sister Elaine


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