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Not Simple…My Christmas Prayer! by E. Davenport December 25, 2011

Last night I learned a big big lesson.  Some things which had been overlooked came to a head.  When the dust settled; I was angry.   I wasn’t angry at God…or any person.  I was angry at myself and the devil.  Because I had glossed over things and not dealing truly with the problems, in fact, they had not gone away.

I was too disgusted to pray!   I had never been that way.  If only I could praise I would feel better, but the truth is…I did not think of that!

I decided to write out a Prayer Of Petition.  You see, a while ago I had ordered Jerry Savelle‘s Book The Prayer Of Petition and I had even read it, but it “looked” like too much work.

It was time for me to put this matter on the altar and write out a brief and present it to God.  I decided to do this BEFORE I prayed!  I had a lot on my heart.  It took two and a half hours!  Oh my goodness!   But, when I finished…I had a solid foundation and a renewed confidence that God would solve everything!  I was no longer angry.

My final petition printed out was 9 pages long!  In the end…there was a lot of Thanksgiving!   When I prayed…God assured me that Everything Was Going To Be Allright!   That was the prophecy that our Bishop Keith A. Butler and the  Prophet of God, Kenneth Copeland…both whom I adore greatly and I have not said that enough! 

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