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A Question About Forgiveness by Minister Aaron Hightower (Guest Speaker) (October 29, 2007)

Welcome to our site. I was reminded of this bible verse earlier today regarding the subject of prayer:

Mark 11: 25 (KJV)

I was really happy to find out that Minister Aaron Hightower a friend of ours had completed a video on Utube regarding forgiveness. Minister Hightower has a practical down the earth approach that is very refreshing. Besides being a minister, he is a Graphic Artist, a Blogger, and a Photographer. He’s very active on U Tube working for God. He and his wife Brendel and their children reside in Southern Michigan. I know that this video will Bless you.

In the video; he is driving down the road in his car. The camera isn’t very far away and I’m not sure who’s holding it; an angel more likely. . Smile. Takes special skills. Maybe, I can do this with my new camera phone that has a camcorder built in. Who knows? (Click on the arrow to start)


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