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Don’t Throw A Pity Party! by Elaine Davenport (Saturday, April 5, 2008)


And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power. Colossians 2: 10

One of the ways that the devil attacks people that is most effective is when he gets you to try to throw a pity party for yourself. Oh, he can figure out exactly what your weaknesses are. Don’t fall for it! These are some of the areas where he can get a wedge in the door:

*If you’re a widow; he will remind you of how good you had it when your spouse was alive, your loss of income, companionship and security. That may all be true or not…but he will try to use it against you.

*If you’ve lost a parent, he’ll remind you of how alone you are and how you can’t celebrate holidays like other people. I’ve been there; you can.

* If you’re childless; he’ll remind you of how other people have children; why can’t you? He may even tell you that you’re not good enough or that your spouse is going to leave you; when in fact, there are millions of children without parents.

* If you’re aging; he’ll remind you that you’re old and that it’s time to throw the towel in.

*If you’re having hair loss, he’ll remind you that you’re getting old.

* If you have poor health; he’ll tell you that you can’t get better.

*Tight finances; he’ll tell you it’s just going to get worse. Oh yeah, when it gets better he’ll tell you to spend, spend, spend.

* If you don’t have any good friends; he’ll make sure it stays that way; if you let him.

I could go on and on giving endless examples but I don’t intend to throw a clinical for the devil.

You don’t have to throw a pity party no matter what you’re feeling, experiencing, seeing; you are an overcomer and you have authority; but it won’t happen if you sit back and do nothing.

Start empowering yourself:

*Get in the Word Of God.
*:Look in the Concordance in the back of the bible for the problem you’re having.
* Start meditating on that. (Thinking about it) If you don’t understand it; ask God to explain it to you. Expect an explanation. Maybe you won’t get it that day, but you will get it.
* Make a List of your needs and post it where you can find it. Confess them every day. For example:

Today, I will allow God to use me by helping someone.

Today, I will spend time with God.

Today, is the day that my purpose is revealed to me.

I will be Blessed to be a Blessing.


You decide and make your list. There is no need for a pity party but more importantly; there’s no time!

In You By MercyMe (Music Video) (Wednesday, February 27, 2008)


Loving God means more than anything!


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