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A Prayer For WordPress by Elaine Davenport (Friday, November 30, 2007)

I want to explain why I am writing a prayer for our fine people who work for and keep WordPress going. I am thankful to them. I don’t know them. You see, I had Blogs somewhere else and the traffic was dribbling in despite my greatest efforts. After I moved; three weeks didn’t go by and I began to see stats like I never had before. This is not an advertisement. It’s all free. I am overjoyed! I had paid my web designer $1100 and he was unable to finish. He’s a good guy it just worked out that way and then I found WordPress. Who knew? I didn’t. I smell food. I can’t eat today. This is hard. Every support question has been answered. I’m not a new technology person or an engineer; just a thankful prayer warrior. Because some folks put this all together; people are being Blessed not only by using the tools available but but words that are being said. I pray a Blessing over the lives of everyone on the Word Press staff and their families.



Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for this Blessed day that You have made. Thank You for showing that You are a God of Divine appointments and connections. I lift up every single person at WordPress this day and I ask You to Bless them mightily! It is my prayer that You’ll open doors to them that have been closed in times past. I pray that they will be in health and that their problems will become invisible. I pray that the eyes of their understanding will become enlightened as it says in the Book of Ephesians. I pray that for them burdens will be removed and yokes will be destroyed because of the anointing. I pray that they will have great peace as they operate in Godly wisdom with integrity in all of their affairs. I pray that their marriages will be healed. I pray that their equipment will function perfectly and that their business will begin to thrive like never before. Father let the laborers be worthy of their hire. If I’ve left out anything that is important to them corporately or individually; I’m asking You to cover it and I thank You for that. I ask in all in the Name of Jesus Amen

Don’t Fight The Urge To Pray for Someone by Elaine Davenport (Sunday, November 11, 2007)


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This little article may prove itself to be very controversial; but the truth must be told!


I’ll discuss the controversy in a later paragraph, but first let me give you the facts.


I went to church today and it was wonderful! I got more ammunition against the enemy. I love it! I had to go by to see a friend afterwards for a short visit. It’s a new friendship so I don’t know them really well. As we talked, my friend began to discuss a few health challenges. This wasn’t the first time that she had done this. I felt badly because the words that my friend were saying were not faith based words. At that time, I distinctly heard the Holy Spirit say: “Pray with her.” I didn’t say anything at the time, I just sat there trying to wait for the right time. As the subject changed; I felt as though I might have missed an opportunity. Soon, I was preparing to go and my friend was walking me to the door. On my way out, I turned and said: Let’s say a prayer together.”


“I’m so glad, I need it!” was their response. We began to pray. During that prayer we pleaded the Blood of Jesus over her body and we spoke directly to the main health challenge that she had and told it to cease!



The Power of Prayer (You Tube Video) (Wednesday, November 6, 2007)


Breathe by Michael W. Smith

Are you interested in God? That’s a tough question for some. However, if you are…you’ll love this song!

A Prayer for our children by Elaine Davenport (Saturday, June 30, 2007)

Dear Heavenly Father, we praise you and we Bless you today. Thank you for this day and the love and the revelation that we have. Father we thank you for gifting us with our children. We commit their lives to you. We stand in faith that their faith will grow and grow and that one day they will become bold laborers for your kingdom. Father, we declare that they will commit their ways unto you, and in doing so their thoughts will be established. Father we pray that your word will become exciting and intriguing to them. That they will know right from wrong. We pray that they will have the ability to discern any work or word that is not of you or that does not edify you. Father we pray that as they exercise their independence in the ways of the world, that they will realize that this is not what they want to do. We pray that they will know in their hearts what is your will for them. We covenant with you in advance and we thank you for this. In the name of Jesus. Amen

A Prayer For the Lost By Elaine Davenport (Friday, June 29, 2007)

Heavenly Father we come before you this day to pray for the lost in our families, in our friendships, in our acquaintances, amongst our neighbors and strangers. Father we love them as much as we love ourselves and we make no exceptions for this for this is your will. Father, we know that they are fearfully and wonderfully made. Today we ask you to give us a special anointing. A daring anointing! An anointing where we won’t hesitate, we won’t hold back about You. Father we are asking today for changes to come in our lives for all of these people; that we may see and hear marvelous testimonies from them as to how they were touched by the Spirit of the Living God. Father, we ask if you will help us and guide us to know that if we ask anything of you in faith being confidently convinced, then we shall have what we ask. We promise not to come back to you to remind you or to ask you if you forgot our prayer. We will be patient and continue to follow your lead and your Word. In the authority of Jesus we ask and pray, Amen.

Say a little prayer today by Elaine Davenport (Monday, June 4, 2007)

This is so amazing! The other night, I was checking my site statistics at one of my Blog sites. I am able to see many things and since I love analysis, it’s even more interesting. Well, one of my sites had not had any new posts because I was so busy, but I had noted that even when I was posting it still wasn’t that busy. I still plan to post and continue, no matter what happens. You know, when it snows or rains, people change their plans, but I am unaffected by faith of what happens like a lack of traffic; but I STILL said a prayer. I told the Lord: “Lord, you told me to do this, please send some people to this site, in Jesus Name and I thank you ” After that, I forgot about it. I have a busy schedule and currently in a whirlwind that I’ve expected.

I checked those stats today and God sent MORE people than had ever been there before. God is so faithful, so Amazing. So Awesome. I just love Him and I am Thankful.

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