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A Prayer For Good Health By Elaine Davenport (Thursday, June 28, 2007)


Blessed Father on high, thank you for this joyful day. Father, you woke me up to a brighter day and I am thankful. Because of your love, I am redeemed. Thank you that your grace is sufficient for me. Father, I am thankful for your enduring tender mercies. Thankful am I for your Word and it’s revealing nature and revelation. Because of you I am renewed, refreshed, restored, re-energized! Father, today I come before you with a humble heart. I am Blessed! I am strong! I am walking in grace! I have favor. I humbly beseech you today to send forth your angels to my path today. I plead the blood of Jesus over any circumstance that I or my family may encounter. We plead the Blood of Jesus over our entire body. We pronounce good health for our legs, feet, arms, hands, wrists, nose, eyes, ears, mouth, neck, back, all of our organs, our ankles, our calves, our hips, our shoulders. Nothing shall by any means hurt or harm us. My body is whole and healthy. My mind is free and clear. My thoughts are established and rooted in love. I pray for my family Lord and I ask you to guide them, direct them and strengthen them in the faith. I pray that you will send laborers across their paths. Father, I know that should temptation, test or trial come before them or I that you are faithful and will create a door of escape and that we are not alone. I am your child and I am glad. I have a covenant with you. You said that you will hold my right hand and that I don’t have to fear anything or anyone. Nothing has a hold on me because I am more than a conqueror. My blood pressure is normal and will stay there. I declare that my sleep patterns will become stable. I am thankful for your love and thankful for my victory. I love you so much. In Jesus Name, I ask and pray. AMEN

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