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In these troubled times; a Prayer for You by Elaine Davenport (October 29th- November 3rd, 2007)

Heavenly Father, we lift You up this day and we rejoice! I humbly beseech You on behalf of every person that reads and prays this prayer. I thank You Father that You see each and every one as an individual and that their heart is touched to seek a closer relationship with You. Father, we pray that burdens are removed and yokes are destroyed because of the anointing. We pray Father that each and every one can receive peace in their spirits and that they can understand that they are spirits who live in a body and that they have a soul which is linked to their mind, their will and their emotions.

I pray for them and with them this day that their spirit man or woman will rise and take ascendancy in their lives. I ask You Father to send worthy laborers to cross their paths to interact with them and to minister to them. I thank You that when that happens they will be mindful of You and will not hesitate to give You the glory, the honor and the praise.


Father, this day, our beloved has a need, sometimes great, sometimes seemingly small; yet that need is pressing upon their mind and their heart. If it is a burden to them, I’m asking You to receive that burden from them. Your Word says that we are to cast our cares upon You knowing that you can take it and that You can handle it and

Father, we are asking You to set them free from any bondage. In the authority of Jesus, we bind any spirits of confusion, error,
antichrist, evil, fear, heaviness or anything that exalteth itself against the knowledge of Christ and we loose Godly wisdom and peace in every situation. We declare that each person praying this prayer will remain in faith until they see victory in compliance with Your Word and Your will for their lives. Teach us to be willing and obedient to your command. In Jesus Name we pray; Amen.

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