I grew up thinking that I would only “bother” God with the really important things.  In my backwardness, I suppose I was making myself a hero by handling the small stull.  Laugh out loud to that one…please!


Actually it worked for a long time.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t winning though.  Somehow, I got wind of a new way of thinking when I became born again.


WHAT???   Do you mean that I could have had a better life  with a little more wisdom?


Why yes…most certainly.


Let’s fast forward to the importance of letting God know about every matter when you need help.  Well, the other day it was critical that I master a copy machine.   Help was no where in sight.  As tears welled up in my eyes…I remembered to say a prayer.  I asked the Holy Spirit to show me what to do.  I was desperate.

By no coincidence He showed me.  I mastered the machine….and anything else.


But, I know it’s not my strength or smarts….I know.Image


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