Last week, after a very long day; I found myself lying down and unable to sleep.  Thoughts of  an earlier conversation were bouncing off of me and they were taking their toll on me.  Someone had told me something and I did not agree with them.  I said a prayer and asked God to take the pain of their sharp words away.  After all, I had made a vow to walk in love.  Unless I got this stuff off of me; I wasn’t going to be able to do that right.  I did not want a spillover effect either!   That’s when someone puts you in a bad mood and it carries over to your interaction with others.  I wasn’t disgusted with their words…I soon realized…I was disgusted with the way that I handled them.

Reading the bible daily, praying all of the time, writing about God, loving Jesus, led by the Holy Ghost…all I had to say was:  “Forgive me if I disagree. “

I did not have to debate them or make a case of defense…all I had to do was let God take care of it.  I’ve done that before.

Well Lord, please forgive me for missing that; it won’t happen again.

If anyone that crosses my path is off track; I do not want it charged to my account. Faith worketh by love.  I remember that!


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