Wall Street bailout big

For years, the banking system was like a baby bottle for many of us…but it’s past time to be weaned from that bottle!  That bottle has no loyalty.  It is not designed to reward you.

God’s system is different.

Even if the bank gives it a fancy name…finding legitimate ways to overcharge customers is robbery.    They need prayer.  Pray for them to repent and for God to have mercy.  At this rate, they will need  another bail out soon; and there will be no public sympathy it seems.  There was a huge protest today in Chicago, the likes that none of us have ever seen regarding the huge interest being charged on banking credit cards as reported by ABC’s World News Tonight.

I am  amazed at a remarkable trend that is going on.    Even though the American economy is depressed and it is hurting so many families that are dependent on “that” system;  many merchants are actually going up on their prices.

But, the group that has emerged forcing so many of us into complete shock (whether we are victimized by them or simply an observer are the banks)

I don’t understand; didn’t we just bail them out?  What are they doing?  What are they thinking?  They must think that we are all powerless.  They must think that the government is ineffective.    Obviously a sign of their respect for the Federal bailout was the hefty bonuses awarded to banking officers etc.; but we all thought that was the end of it.  In fact, it’s only the beginning.

It should have been a long   time ago that we should have SHOUTED:  ENOUGH!!!

The exorbitant NSF fees are beyond ridiculous.  They have only been successful in our shame and guilt over not having enough funds in there in the first place.  Ha!

Deut 5:19 “You shall not steal
Lev 19:11 “Do not steal. Do not lie
Ex 20:15 “You shall not steal

It’s time for us to all band together and pray about it!   I MEAN REALLY PRAY!!

Please pray for our Financial Institutions to see the errors of their ways.


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