Comments on: "There Will Come A Day by Melinda Doolittle (Music Video) Sunday, June 8, 2008" (4)

  1. Louise7 said:

    Melinda Doolittle are a wonderful women in heart. She have a powerful voice, i am one of her backups i follow her from the beginning, She will released her first album at the end of the summer and she did talk about a Holiday one too. We have new website to supporting her in her career You are Very welcome to join us.

  2. peacefulone said:

    Bless you and Melinda! I thought she was going to win…but God has a better prize! Love E

  3. First i want to thank you for all the wonderful articles you post. Thanks again for let us spread the love we have for our’s favorites one. Melinda Doolittle are really a talented singer with a big heart of Gold! Without website will be really difficult for any fans to share the great news about them. Thanks.
    FREE SONG FROM AMERICAN IDOL’S MELINDA DOOLITTLE! GO TO and get it NOW – FREE! New album released on February 3, 2009! Don’t miss it!

    • peacefulone said:

      Hi Weezzy! Thanks for stopping by. We’re praying for Melinda’s total success and Blessings!

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