Dead 30 to 40 minutes…with no brain damage! Praise God!

Forget the negative talk at the end of the Video…Pray Today That Doctors Will Begin To Pray!

Dr. Sloan


Comments on: "Praying Miracles! (You Tube Video) (Friday, April 25, 2008)" (6)

  1. DILRUKSHI said:

    i believe this. all have to have a look at this! unbelievable! god bless you all!

  2. peacefulone said:

    Thanks for stopping by! Blessings & Love

  3. darryl robertson said:

    all i can is wow .when i was younger i was in a simliar situation. i had asthma /the doctors /nurses had given me up for dead .and my mother/my grand mother went into the church’s chapel /begin to pray /a specialist sent from god came to the hospital / saved my life .i was 10 yrs old when this happen / when i turned 18yrs old the asthma went into remission / no longer have asthma i am now over 40yrs old /living life to the fullest.thank you jeseu.

    • peacefulone said:

      Hi Darryl! You’re a walking miracle…powerful testimony…powerful! Blessings and Love

  4. there are doctors who do pray..still same results

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