Comments on: "The Servant King by Maranatha Singers (Music Video) (Tuesday, April 1, 2008)" (8)

  1. they are really good and good singers well done xxx

  2. peacefulone said:

    Blessings Kerry! We agree, gonna have to find more of their music! Have a Blessed day and please come back!

  3. No conocia a este marabilloso grupo de musica cristiana, ya que videos de ellos no encuentro en la red.
    Son un marabilloso grupo y la mano de Dios esta en Uds y sus voces.

  4. Kerry,
    My name is Janel Laplante and I’m from Michigan
    and I think the Maranatha Singers are cool

    • HI kerry
      it’s Janel LaPlante from Michigan . And I was going
      to ask you if you ever prayed for self-control

      • peacefulone said:

        Hi Janel! Thanks for writing. I suppose that I have though I didn’t exactly use those words. Sometimes, I have prayed for patience, wisdom or peace. Many times I’ve asked the Lord to help me keep my mouth shut and to listen. Sometimes, I pray that my temper is controlled or that my love and compassion show what Jesus would do. I often say: Lord, please don’t let me do that again. But mostly I have found that when bad thoughts come…

        I say: That’s not my thought …I cast it down! My friend Tina Jacobs a true Spiritual Warfare queen…taught me that one. It has helped me the most.

        Blessings and Love

  5. Hi Kerry.
    this is Janel from Michigan.
    I have read your prayer and it worked out good for me
    I thought that prayer made me feel better.
    and by the way what’s your last name.

  6. Hi Kerry.
    It’s Janel again
    your prayer has worked for today and every day
    so that I can do better and will follow God’s will
    Can I ask you a question what are names of the Maranatha singers.

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