Together For Israel!

israel_jerusalem_dome.jpg, along with over a dozen major sponsors, is putting together the largest ever online rally in support of those living under fire in Israel. All you need to do is go to on Thursday, March 20, 2008 at 11 p.m. Israel Time to watch a live broadcast of online of solidarity rallies from around the world. Please make sure to log onto the to the site on March 20th and be counted for Israel. You can sign up for a reminder email or text message on our homepage as well.


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  1. KarenMarie said:

    Shalom Elaine,

    I am writing you HERE because it ‘appears’ I have emails being intercepted – meaning – either not delivered to my intendee’s, or, I don’t necessarily receive the emails being sent to me. Thank you so much for posting my announcement about this rally. My site monitor recorded at one point that their were over 2 billion people online viewing the recorded feed.

    I have already proposed an online Christian Zionist – Christian Supporters of Israel Rally to walk along side the presentation from our Jewish brothers and sisters. They did a beautiful job bringing word to the global community all that Israel has endured and continues to endure at the hands of those that hate her.

    On another note: I am getting a bit confused here by your multiple sites. There are so many – (Not a bad thing! 🙂 Initially, I tripped across another announcement you had given space to about the rally on a completely different site. I tried calling you via phone (recent past) but didn’t get through. I got some kind of music line or something.

    Please continue to email me at israelstrust until further notice. 🙂 Shalom KarenMarie

  2. peacefulone said:

    Shalom Karen! It’s good to hear from you. I’m so pleased to know that the Israel Rally went so well. We expected it to. That’s for sure.

    We may need to think about more rallies…not a bad idea? The people who worked on it should be complimented for their efforts.

    Thanks for the note about the confusion over the sites. We don’t get many complaints at all about that. However, we take every concern seriously…that said we’ll start implementing changes. We seem to be growing faster than our projections!

    By the by: our sites can all be found on the right side of every page. They are: Healmenow, Godly Wisdom Is All you need, Salvation, The Blood of Jesus,Prayer Forces, Pray Pray Pray, and Building Faith Conclave. If you try to remember that; it makes it much easier.

    Also Karen, at the top of every page is a marker which says: FIND OUR SITES.

    I sure hope this helps! Shalom…and Blessings E

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