When you’re on a diet and your weight gets stuck…they try to help you get a breakthrough. Usually they tell you to starve yourself.

Well in the spiritual world there are many things that will cause or promote your breakthrough and they all make sense. But today, we’ll just talk about one:   praying for others.

This is not a message that will knock people’s socks off or a shouting message! You won’t necessarily feel any better, any different, any more or any less than you already are. But this message can lead to your breakthrough.



The average person wants to be prayed for at great length. I’ve had it happen many times myself; it’s a great feeling, but I don’t crave it. I take my joy in praying for other people. While I’m at it God always has my back. Oh yeah!

So many people have it made. They have a place to sleep, more food than they need, money in the bank, running water. indoor toilets, no war, they can worship openly and not in secret, they don’t have to live under constant threat, they have medical coverage, life insurance, transportation, recreational opportunities, wise investments and I can go on and on. If you’re really Blessed; you have a spiritual life. I’m not talking atheism, horoscopes or anything but Jesus.


While on the other hand; some people have none of that. God wants us to see about the people who have none of that or some of that. God works through us. This is no time to be selfish or thoughtless. Please make a decision today to pick a country or a place or a group of people who don’t have what you have and pray for them. They may be: poor people in this country, oppressed people in other countries like” Turkey, Eritrea, Libya, Nigeria, India, Sri Lanka, Russia, China, South Korea, Thailand, Muslims in Afghanistan, India, Indonesia, Africa, Middle East, please pray for the eye of the terrorists to be enlightened in Jesus Christ…please pray for the Homeless, the downtrodden, the people who beg for money on the corners, the people who’ve lost houses…there are so many to pray for. Please help!


Comments on: "Breakthrough! by Elaine Davenport (Wednesday, March 19, 2008)" (2)

  1. This goes along with ‘helping yourself by helping others’. You are right on target I think.

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