Comments on: "By The Power Of Your Love by Hillsong (Music Video) (Monday, March 10, 2008)" (15)

  1. pastor MARIA said:

    no comment .. just say and want u to know that GOD CAN WAIT AND SEES THE TRUTH…

  2. Lady quiroz said:

    please come to Nicaragua since your music is very claimed for all of the youth here in Nicaragua in many events that is the kind of music people ask the most.

    God bless you, we are waiting for you.

  3. peacefulone said:

    We join you in Prayer Agreement asking God to send Hillsong to Nicaragua…soon! Blessings

  4. What a beautiful song. PRAISE THE LORD, JESUS IS COMING! People get ready! JESUS IS COMING!
    I can’t wait for the day!! What a day that will be!

  5. Wonderful SONG!
    Waitin’ on HIM, anxiously!

  6. What a wonderful song!
    I am Anxiously Waitin’ on HIM…!

  7. msheldon said:

    I hope one day you all can come to Maine to worship here, pray that there will be a move of God here in Maine.

  8. I’m really blessed by this song,I pray that God in his power of love,helps all of us in order to soar with him the day he will come!
    May God bless you more and more!

  9. Colleen Jeffries said:

    This song really touches my heart. I know it could melt the coldest heart. I have made this beautiful song a prayer between me and my Savior. Yes, indeed, Jesus coming is very very near. We must be ready, folks. We can see the signs of His coming in the horrible events that are happening now. The devastating earthquakes of Haiti, Japan, and Chile. Not to mention the horrific winter storms that is causing havoc in the European countries. Read Matthew chapter 24 and you can see for yourselves the nearness of His coming. Remember that God loves each and everyone of us. He is not willing that any should parish. Soon and very soon we shall His beautiful face. Let us not miss out on heaven. God richly bless each person who reads this blog.

  10. Jessica Thorpe said:

    I have made this song my daily prayer.

  11. Obi Nwanze said:

    This song is so moving that it makes feel I am already in heaven singing with the hosts of angels around the throne of the Almighty.

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