**I had been so prayerful about the plight the people who visit the PRAY PRAY PRAY prayer Blog. You see, every day so many people come and leave prayer requests; even the ones that can’t be printed from hurting people who are full of anger, resentment, bitterness and oppression. I pray for uncommon favor for everyone that finds this site accidentally they may think or
on purpose. Now at a Gossip site; they may get 1700 hits on one article in one day; but at a prayer site; that’s not going to happen…just yet. But our time will come and when it does we will have the staff to accommodate them. Bless The Lord!

Well, I just want to reassure you whatever your need is that God loves you. The Word of the Lord came forth on my friend Yeap Chee Seng’s Weblong and I want you to read it: FOR THERE ARE MORE ON OUR SIDE THAN ON THEIRS (CLICK HERE TO READ IT)

Let’s talk about this:

Chee asks the question: “What will you do when you’re in trouble?” That’s how you know where you are faith-wise.


I know people: who whine, who cry, who pray, who fret, who confess the Word of God, people who do them all or some of them, people react different ways. I have another friend that no matter what happens; she gets mad and determined not to be defeated! She always recognizes the enemy and says so. At first, I thought it was a flaw in her character; and then when I weighed the circumstances I changed my mind. I literally began to agree with most of her decisions to react angrily, to be on guard, to get herself in a defensive position; simply because I knew where her heart was…she has a heart for God, I understood.

What do I do when I get in trouble? Well, I do different things: I generally always get quiet as I pray in the spirit. When I’m quiet, I can hear from God. Sometimes, I’ve run (or walked) to pray to ask what I should do? Sometimes, I just start to list the things that I’m thankful for. Sometimes, I just praise Him. Sometimes, I go rest and sometimes I get determined to confront the problems. It’s almost ALWAYS a puff of smoke…I’ve found.

I’m not being judgemental; but I’ve almost always found that I in some way am the cause of my problems. Maybe not directly, but sometimes from poor planning, not looking ahead, ignoring stuff, procrastinating…but I always remember that God is my rear guard, that He is Faithful, that He is merciful, that I have angels, that the presence of God is with me and I can go on an on.



There is only one reason why the devil is working so hard to create a crisis for you. He wants you to think negative and stop believing in the faithfulness in God. He wants you to be disappointed in God and cut off your relationship with him. He will keep reminding you of your situation to stop you from believing. Once this objective is fulfilled, you will be easy prey for him. A Christian who has stopped praying and believing is no match for the devil.

The devil may give you a terminal disease that has no cure. You can feel the pain. You can see the medical reports telling you that there is no cure. Death is inevitable. What will you do? Are you going to allow the pain and the reports to decide on your destiny? If you do, there can only be one result – death. Author- Yeap Chee Seng


Look at what the Devil wants “you” to Do or Be:

1. Think negative
2. Stop believing God will help you.
3. Disappointed in God
4. Cut off your relationship with God
5. Stop Believing

Notice this: “A Christian who has stopped praying and believing is no match for the devil!” That’s good! That’s true.

So how tough are you? You’re no wimp and God didn’t give you a spirit of fear. You have God backed power and please don’t forget it!

The devil gave me a terminal disease some years back. It was cancer and no, I don’t believe in remission. I didn’t change my physical diet right away. (I did eventually) But, I did change my spiritual diet. I began to EAT healing scriptures and my body, my mind and my spirit began to line up. We don’t have to accept anything from the devil! Nothing at all!

I Thank God that all the way over in Singapore, brother Yeap Chee Seng is taking the time from his busy schedule to give us a Word in due season (with a great explanation)! I’m not “super spirit”; but my list of people whose Blogs I read is a short list. If you look at my side panel; I list very few Blogs other than my own, but I’m pleased to say that I do read those that are there! Blessings and Praise God!


Comments on: "No Need To Be Afraid! By Elaine Davenport (Wednesday, January 23, 2008)" (4)

  1. inspiredword said:

    Great work. Well done.


  2. peacefulone said:

    Hi Bisi! I thank God that Brother Chee really got us to thinking. Have you been to his site yet? It’s at:

    Let me know…Blessings

  3. inspiredword said:

    Yes, just checked his site out.


  4. peacefulone said:

    Hi Bisi, I always remind myself about the goodness of God. How He gives each of us an area of expertise; it’s so amazing! Have a great day! Blessings

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