*** When I first began Blogging; I was shocked that it wasn’t really Faith Boggers heaven. In other words…there was no spiritual support, there was no network…or was there? Actually, there was a network, but finding them would be an art within itself. Faith Bloggers have to make a commitment. I am not criticizing anyone that Blogs once a month or every two months. I just know that the advantage to Blogs is that: “They’ll be back.” Please don’t forget that. Just for me personally, I’ve found out some things that will really help you.

1. Pray, Pray Pray before you get on the Internet, Pray for the people who come to your Blogs, the ones who already came.

2. Have compassion for anyone who writes in and that includes other Faith Bloggers.
3. Try to set up a spot where they can ask for Prayer in Agreement for Faith, Healing, Salvation or whatever it is that they need.
4. Try to minister the Word of God to them or point them towards God in all that you do.
5. Leave no room for debates. It’s counter productive and in the end no matter how it sounds…you lose!

6. Encourage people to get a prayer life, to get a praise life, to get into the Word of God.
7. Remember that there are real people that are coming and that because of your words they may be able to Bless someone else and so forth.
8. Talk to them about Love…No, preach to them about Love and tell them it doesn’t matter how many millions have missed it, they don’t have to. (I always tell my family that on Judgement Day; we all stand alone.)

9. I don’t know what you believe but, tell them to read Psalm 91 and to Plead The Blood of Jesus over themselves and their families.

10. Tell them about your faith and your faith walk, your testimonies, those you’ve heard. I don’t encourage picking apart the bible and calling yourself a
Faith Blogger.” C’mon. Who are you kidding? Not me.

11. Building Traffic For Your Blog is tricky. I’ve made friends in the past without paying attention to denominations and when I found out that they had researched my Blog and began to write critique’s about the gripes they had with the beliefs of my persuasion; I was surprised. It was a good lesson because every failure is a prayer failure. So, it was just one more person to add to my prayer list, one more person to forgive. It’s Blessed. So, do I pay attention to Denominations? I do because Iron sharpens iron. However, it doesn’t rule me…because faith recognizes faith. So build your traffic by forming a network and put articles on your site from other’s Blogs…you don’t get the same traffic.

12. Project Success: Project how many hits you plan to get in a year! I’ve set mine for 500,000 this year…but I have 7 active Blogs and two more that I don’t do anything on. (Yup)

13. Get a Scripture to Stand on for your Blog. Get one today!

14. Tags are important: Put Scripture Numbers in there, if it’s Faith Music, write that and Write Worship Music…the more tags…the more hits.

15. Watch your Stats. If people are coming to see a certain article. Write more.

16. Long Faith articles are okay. There are a lot of people that are looking for them.

17. People like pictures and Color. Maybe not too much, I dunno, but give them a balance and compare your stats to see if it’s Working.

18. Send Mass E-mails out to your network when you do new posts. Make it exciting and put the link in the Email so that they can go right to it. Do this at least once a week. Refer them to your best writings…then, they’ll read the rest! P.S. They want to read stuff you wrote…remember that.

19. Put Your Blog Link in your Email Signature.

20. When you write a note on a Blog of another; tell them to drop by at your site and put your email address so that they can find you.

21. Don’t resent other Faith Bloggers; they are people just like you. (more likely)

* I’ll add more later, gotta get to school.


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