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A Prayer For Visitors; Past, Present and Future

Oh Father, I just thank You for 2007; not just for myself but for everyone that you have sent or will send this way. We pray that each of us will listen for that still small voice inside of us saying: “This is the way; walk ye in it.!” We pray that we will not listen to any strangers voice but only to yours. Your word says that You give us power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy; heal our minds so that we never forget them, we do not wish to be forgetful hearers of the Word of God but obedient serving, faithful doers of the Word of God directed to us. We do not choose to perish for a lack of knowledge and so we each ask for wisdom in the course of future events, undertakings, transactions, inspirations, efforts and in everything…everything that we do. You said that if we ask for wisdom that YOu would give it to us liberally and that’s exactly how we need it.

Father, I pray that everyone that comes to You in prayer has so much peace about it that they will make prayer more pertinent and prevailing in their lives; so much so that they will ascend to higher levels. Father, I’m asking if you will continually do Spiritual heart surgery on us so much so that we can have immovable compassion for one another. We are the redeemed and we say so! I thank You that there will be a unity amongst the brethern, great peace, great direction and vision and that the plans of God will manifest clearly in each of our lives and that we will carry them out.

Finally, Father for those who are suffering we all speak healing to their bodies, to their circumstances, to their finances, to households, to jobs, to transportation and communications. We thank You in advance for gigantic breakthroughs and miracles. We thank You that people realize that a simple thing like praying for others is an open door to breakthroughs in their own lives! I pray that each person who reads this receives a special anointing this day; the one that You would have them to receive. In Jesus name, we say…So Be It!



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