This is a new series. The purpose of it is to allow you to take steps so that your prayers are eventually more proactively based. Also, to equip you with an understanding as to what to do in an emergency.

Carrie and Kevin have a sixteen year old son. He has been a problem since he was eight years old. Now, he’s rebellious, curses sometimes and constantly talks about quitting school. He doesn’t smoke, take street drugs and he’s smart. His teachers like him, but he doesn’t complete most of his homework. The papers he writes are poorly done. He takes ADD medicine and wants his mother to tell his teachers so that they will go easy on him. At home, he doesn’t keep up his room and likes to play video games. He does not attend church.

Every situation is different. These parents through prayer were led to take their child off of the ADD medicine. They had clearly seen evidence of unnatural aggression from their son that they were uncomfortable with. Next, they began to constantly pray for their son. They pleaded the blood of Jesus over him daily. They began to get scriptures from the bible out and post them all over the house. They asked for forgiveness because they had failed in assisting their son in knowing God and God’s plan for him. They didn’t feel they needed to force God on him and they had never seriously discipline him. They began to clamp down on him. They also found scriptures that they prayed for him. Everyday, they declared that he was redeemed from poverty, sickness and spiritual death. They reminded God that He promised in His Word that their children (they were in covenant) would be Blessed to the 3rd and 4th generation. They never stopped. He made a remarkable turnaround! The testimony is nothing short of miraculous. He is a college senior with a very high GPA now. His spiritual recovery is in progress as well.


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