My friend was very happy. Now, I just want to encourage you to not hesitate to pray for other people. I’ve never been turned down in offering to pray with others except for maybe twice by people who said: “I’m good. I’m good.” That’s basically American slang for saying: Everything is alright with me; I don’t have anything pressing.



I know that when I lay hands on myself when I become health challenged and I pray at the same time; I get healed! That’s a powerful thing! However, I never did a formal study to find out about people I laid hands onto by God’s authority and God’s power to determine if they got better. I know they do. My uncle told me yesterday his swollen foot went down right after we prayed! I try to pay careful attention to those that I can observe. In one case, I distinctly recall the person saying: “That stuff doesn’t work!” And then the power of God got on them. They had to remove their bandages that day from a hand injury which had rendered them unable to work. In another case, a young woman asked me to lay hands on and pray for her daughter. I had done so by the power of God (I have no power at all) once before, but the pain had went away for a few months until the person took on a new and more strenuous job. So, we all joined hands and prayed and God removed the pain. How do I know? I know because they said so. That’s all I can go by. I can make a long list, but I’ve got some other things to do, places to go and people to see. Smile.

The Controversy (SEE CONCLUSION)


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