I’ve been to many churches in my life and I learned something at each one of them…good or bad. I talk about the good ones, I say nothing about the less than normal experiences. This is a fact. Not even my hairdresser knows. First, let me say that I don’t put labels on churches…anymore. It wasn’t deliberate, I don’t really know why I did it. I said something negative about another church once of a different denomination and the Lord had me to publicly repent in front of the group I had just said it to. He reminded me: “That’s where you learned about faith!” Funny thing, after I said it (I repented) ; several people said they needed to repent as well. I corrected myself; I never did it again! What I said isn’t important; I really don’t specifically recall except something about a one scripture sermon. Shame on me. We have to be soooo careful about what we say. We will get a harvest off of our deeds and our words.

Every church is a “part” of the body. Each ordained by God has a job to do whether liked by anyone else or not.

That should free us up. See Truth

One of the greatest exaggerations to be put on parts of the Body of Christ has been the : “Name It and Claim It” label. It’s also been called a “Positive Confession” Doctrine.” I laughed really hard when I read that part because I thought: “Should I make a negative confession?” For example, when I had my brain tumor, should I have said: “I’m not going to make it, I’ll probably die? Whoever came up with a complaint against positive confession doesn’t understand the word or the concept of faith. Please someone show me how a negative confession is a confession of faith? That goes back to the time someone told me: FAITH WON’T PAY YOUR BILLS!

Dear Heavenly Father, I stand before Your throne this day; lifting up the body of Christ. Father, I pray this prayer over the body. Please loose your Love over them. Let them pray for one another and be Blessed. Help them to understand that these are the Last Days and in these times, we must all be in one accord with love for one another beyond the walls of our physical church building for we are indeed, the body. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen


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