We bought a wonderful new car not long ago. It’s got a Navigation system that will help us get anywhere without getting lost. We don’t know how to work it. Fortunately, there’s an instruction manual. It’s still a wonderful car and we’re therefore eager to learn the instructions. Let me tell you this. That car is wonderful! I don’t love it but it’s wonderful reliable transportation.

A friend recently bought a plasma tv set. I figured that you could just take it home, pull it out the box and plug it in. First off, it had to be carried home a certain way because you cannot lay it down or it will be ruined. When they got home they found they had to have a special table or do an expensive wall mount. There were all sorts of instructions to taking care of the television, it wasn’t like a normal television. The kind my friend had always been used to. However, we followed the instructions and the television works.

I have been in a room full of people praying. Guaranteed that for the most part, they all prayed differently. I saw people sitting, standing, pacing, on their knees, lying on the floor, with prayer shawls covering them, in a corner, hidden, everyone seemed to be doing something different all not noticing anyone else. I am sure that their each spoke to the Father differently. See God wants a personal relationship with you so it can’t be the same. HOWEVER, there are some standards; read the bible and find them. I can’t tell you the exact way to pray, but the bible can.

If you make a conscious effort to pray to God on a consistent basis; He will reveal to you the proper way to pray. I assure you. I did and I don’t always pray the same. The most important thing that no one ever talks about is this: PRAYER IS A TWO WAY CONVERSATION. I didn’t know that for years. In fact, a lot of people still don’t know it. They think prayer is you telling God. That’s so not true.


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