The Bible says that one can put a thousand angels to flight and that two can put ten thousand angels to flight.

Please leave us your prayer request. This is what we do. We pray for you. We will take your petition before the throne of God and we are certain that God will respond.



Comments on: "WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR PRAYER REQUEST by Elaine Davenport" (5)

  1. I would like you please pray over my 4 year-old son Jonh Gabriel, who is apparently having struggles with learning; especially with the language. Some especialists believe he is suspicious of having speech disabilities. Please, also pray for God to pour out His power over me, my wife and son, so that we testify for Him through signs and wonders. Pray for protection, seeing that we live in such a violent city in Brazil. Pray so that I pass an international exam I am about to take. Thanks if you can help. I will deeply appreciate your time and effort.
    With kind regards,
    May God repay you with countless blessings.

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  4. Please pray for my mother and my protection and peace. Two years ago, we had reported some neighbors for playing loud music and ever since, they, their families, and friends have been stalking and harassing us. As a type this letter, they are sitting outside my window. All day and night, they take turns sitting outside our windows beeping their car horns and slamming their doors. We had changed apartment, and then, a few months later their friends moved upstairs from us, and another one move next door, so all day long they tell their children to jump up and down and run. They have followed me to and from school and have tried to run me off the road. They have sat outside my classes, and they have taken pictures of me. All of this started for us telling on them, and all management told them was to lower their music. I know the Lord is not proud of me, becasue I am living in fear. I stop driving my car, and I was supposed to graduate from college this year, and I have stopped going to school. It is so many of them, and most of them are men (we are two ladies). I have lost a lot of weight, and have lost a lot of my hair. I heard them making fun of me for losing my hair from worrying about this. Please pray for our peace, that the Lord will bring this to an end soon, and please pray for our healing. God Bless, and thank you for praying for us.

  5. peacefulone said:

    The devil is going to be sorry he ever messed with you. Thanks for writing. We will take your prayer request to Corporate prayer but right now…let’s pray.

    Father God we lift up holy hands to you without fear or trembling in Jesus Name and by his blood. The Blood of Jesus protects and covers this family right now and everyday. Everyday when we’re asked how to we plead… our response will be; we plead the Blood.

    Ms. Rhames and her mom are covered by the Blood of Jesus. We send out their ministering angels to go before them and prosper their way. Father send worthy laborers to their rescue to their defense to teach them Your way. We cast this heavy burden on You because we know You can handle it. You told them in Your word to meditate in the Word of God (the bible) day and night for then You would make their way prosperous, then they would have good success. So we say that this family will gain the wisdom as to what to do in your Word. We say they will not be afraid of the terror by night that they will pray Psalm 91 daily building up their most precious faith.

    Father, thank You for empowering us. We speak to Satan and we say: WE CANCEL YOUR ASSIGNMENT AGAINST THIS FAMILY! THE BLOOD OF JESUS IS AGAINST YOU! We say about these persecutors that one by one they will flee ; the word says your enemies may come at you one way but that same enemy will flee before you seven ways!

    Father, we thank You for Your Divine protection, your shalom peace and for Your grace and mercy. Amen

    Stand in faith Sister Rhames…we’re expecting things to turn in your favor. You can’t see then, but you have huge angels who protect you. Blessings & Love

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