I am asking you if you are reading this to join us in agreement in prayer regarding the events that occurred at the Virginia Techcollege campus; knowing that God honors our prayers.

Heavenly Father, we stand before your throne this day in the Name of Jesus. We bind the spirit of confusion and contention on the Virginia Tech campus as people look to point a finger for who might be the blame. We loose Godly peace and comfort in that environment. Thank you for dispersing angels to that place to cover that community. We also bind the spirit of fear in that place.

Please comfort those families whose loved ones who have been lost or injured! We pray that people will begin to form collaborative efforts to show those families that they are loved; just like they did for New York City victims and for the Hurricane Katrina victims.

We pray for the administrators that they will be able to handle all of the pressure and rise to the occasion. We pray for that police department; that their actions are not second guessed. We thank you for their dedication and service. We pray for each and every student, some have lost friends, family, a sense of security and some have lost confidence. We pray that their hearts will be strengthened.

We pray for that community; that they will pour forth to minister to those students. Where are all the people who come rushing forth in a crisis Lord; please send them forth!

We also pray for the family of the shooter: Cho Seung-Hui. We pray that they will not be ridiculed; but that the truth will come out. We pray that families who have children who are challenged with mental illnesses will pay more attention to them and gain wisdom about getting them healed and not just medicated.

We plead the blood of Jesus over the Va. Tech campus and every single college campus or school in this country. We are not ignorant of Satan’s devices. So we decree right now that there will not be another occasion like this, not on our watch.

We declare that the saints of God will have an advantage to minister the Word of God throughout the land so that people will know of Your mighty love for them.

We know that Your Word cannot return unto you void; for You are not a man that you should lie.

We will not let our guard down; so from this day forth we agree to pray For our country and it’s people. In Jesus Name. AMEN


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