There was so much happening in the Year 2002. The world was just calming down from the devastation of September 11th and we were all getting back to our sense of normality. For me, I was trying to focus on my spirituality. I procrastinated looking for a church physically.but in my spirit I was looking. I had noticed some swelling on my body which I thought was strange; but I decided to ignore it. It wasn’t smart but that’s what I did.

A few months later; the swelling was worse so I went to the doctor’s. They said it was a very rare form of cancer. That’s when I began to seek God. I am sure that God sent the lady at the bank to tell me about a special church service. I didn’t put it off. On the way in, I told the Lord: Lord if this is where you want me to go then this man needs to talk about healing.

When the man began to speak; he began to speak about healing. I WAS IN THE RIGHT PLACE! IT was a wondeful, on time message.

My faith began to increase for healing and I began to pray, to confess God’s word on healing. During a praise service to God that I had in my kitchen, I made a promise.

I said: Lord, if you will heal me, I will serve you! I meant it! And God honored my prayer. I was healed. I began to develop a prayer life during that time and I continued. It started off small but it turned into such an exciting life. After 6 months, I decided to become a Prayer Warrior; to pray for others. We will talk about Ephesians 6; the command to prayer warriors next.


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